Counting Down the Days

pushing the big red button?

Just a few months ago I was pushing the big button?!

For the past eight years I have worked towards a goal, and it’s amazing to finally have reached it.

Numerous floors scrubbed, mastiffs bathed, Pomeranians blow-dried, poop cleaned, nails clipped, x-rays stared at, scrubs bleached, terriers wrestled and red tail hawks rehabilitated (I got to don a glamorous full-body, camouflage poncho in this particular situation) to get into vet school.

I do not regret any of the long hours I have spent working towards an acceptance letter. I am proud of the scars on my arms and sewn talon holes in my scrubs and will likely continue to collect these in the future (just hopefully with a white coat).

To me, being a veterinarian is acting as a liaison for animals that cannot communicate clearly enough to get their basic needs met. Animals are critical to the mental and physical health of human society and they deserve the same, if not better treatment, than the humans with which they coexist. I believe I am a better person due to my animal-infused childhood, and I hope to instill the same passion for animal welfare in my colleagues and friends as I continue through vet school and beyond.

At this point all I can recognize is a poopy colon... I guess the rest comes with time?

At this point all I can recognize is a poopy colon… I guess the rest comes with time?

I am extremely proud to continue my dream for studying and attending to both small and zoo animals at UC Davis Vet School. Just have to get a couple of UC Berkeley classes out of the way! (Like the genetics class I have a midterm in today… apparently I have already begun to set up healthy study habits… now how about that double shot latte??)

Animals are a constant puzzle; whether viewed through an ultrasound, x-ray, glasses, or the naked eye. Here’s to a lifetime of solving puzzles!

School starts August 11th… Counting down the days till I get to start a new and exciting journey 🙂


About Tiana

I started this blog as a way to share my adventures as I tackle the end of undergraduate studies and the beginning of vet school. This is just one of the many ways I distract myself from rigorous classes :)
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