I scare away friends: Why I play with bugs

My major in molecular and environmental biology, however I almost completed a major concentration in Entomology because I enjoyed learning about invertebrates so much. That is, until I decided I wanted to get more animal experience with creatures that could be walked on leashes (I dare you to attempt to collar a ladybug… what would you even use? please send pictures). I have always loved playing with creepy crawlies and collected/observed them to my heart’s content.

Most of my childhood pictures involve some sort of little friend perched on my nose (dragonflies are a particular favorite).

dragonfly on my nose

dragonfly on my nose

And this habit did not stop when I reached adulthood.  When a spider is lose and threatening the livelihood of my sorority I am 100% the person they rely upon. I was once called in the middle of one of my classes by a girl who needed to know if she “should be worried if [the spider above her bed] would fall on her face as she was sleeping” because he “looks intimidating.” I laughed, told her what type of spider it was and that I would remove it upon my return that evening. I decided it would be best to not tell her that Cheiracanthium inclusumm, the yellow sac spider, is one of the more aggressive spiders and is often the reason for spider bites at home. Ignorance is bliss. 😉

my game-day date

making friends at the football game

As a child I would raise praying mantids and tarantulas, once adopted a wood grub (and mentioned it in my personal statement), and once brought home a stink beetle in my pocket because I thought he was really cool. While my mom didn’t appreciate doing laundry after the latter, my menagerie kept life exciting.

I’d like to credit my comfort with exotic creatures to my childhood riddled with animal adventures. It definitely shaped my interest in vet med and will likely not change anytime soon :).


About Tiana

I started this blog as a way to share my adventures as I tackle the end of undergraduate studies and the beginning of vet school. This is just one of the many ways I distract myself from rigorous classes :)
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One Response to I scare away friends: Why I play with bugs

  1. Sarah says:

    Joey the wood grub hahaha. I tell people that story all the time. My dream pet right now: http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/giant-african-millipede.jpg

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