Part IV: Personal Statement

Words. Lots of words. ABOUT MYSELF. Actually my worst nightmare.

I’ve never been a fan of writing about myself be it cover letters, personal statements or in class assignments (blogging is different since sarcasm is commonplace). I jumped into writing my personal statement by brainstorm writing. A.K.A. I just let myself ramble on for five minutes or so about my goals/exciting things in my life/vet med and see what comes from it. Basically unedited blogging (dear god imagine all the typos).

really? Popcorn doesn't help the writing process?

really? Popcorn doesn’t help the writing process?

I ended up writing about my experiences with sight singing and how my ability to sight-read music applied to sight-reading people and situations in the veterinary field. This is my absolute favorite part of vet med; using horizontal thinking and puzzle solving (like O Chem but more concrete) to find the underlying cause for problems. My intern clinic refers to this as an iceberg approach where you see the top 10% of the problem as side effects, but just treating these and not helping the underlying 90% is a waste of time and doesn’t help the animal in many cases (<— sorry for the ramble off to tangent land). As a bio major/music minor this topic applied easily to me and was easy to write about. As someone who has dreamt of publishing a book in the past, writing fluffy things with lots of adjectives comes very naturally to me. However this is NOT appropriate for a personal statement.

In short, a personal statement should make you stand out as a dedicated, determined, and   appealing (I picked this word since it didn’t start with a “d”) applicant. Include a situation where you show some qualities that make you special or show how you will be a good vet student and a good future vet. A problem you solved, challenge you overtook, a passion you followed, etc.

Hopefully that helps get your brain moving. The hardest part is starting and then it’s just about a million edits away from completion! And don’t feel poorly throughout the process. My drafts had so much red pen over them and I restarted from scratch a couple of times, too, despite how awful it felt to begin from square one.

Good luck and feel free to contact me if you have questions or want an editor!

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