Das Boot

the bitchy tea bag

the bitchy tea bag

I’ve been in genetics hell this past week and therefore haven’t posted in a while. This will continue until next week due to the fact that I need to catch up and all of a sudden midterms are literally raining down from the sky.

Additionally, I hop around all day in my walking boot prison and don’t have extra energy to invent witty posts.

It’s been about six months of injury, one+ month of boot time, and with the recent addition of crutches I am a walking conversation starter.

have to dress up for formal meeting... at least its the same height

have to dress up for formal meeting… at least its the same height

I’ve always been one to start conversations with strangers, be it in the grocery store or on the way to class. Nowadays people seem to only want to talk about my foot and it gets old. However, the questions people ask are akin to the bizarre comments I have received about my veterinary career goal. Here is a sampling:

People assume I have:

  • Kicked my little brother (I don’t have a brother…)
  • Kicked someone (no idea who this metaphorical person is but I’m sorry, whoever you are)
  • Been involved in some tragic skiing accident however “there is not snow” -random math professor
  • Put on the boot to have good conversations -random elevator dude
  • Become their own personal circus oddity they can stare at and comment about with their friends like I don’t speak english.

Or just go ahead and begin talking about it:

  • “What’d ja do to your leg, gimp?!” -Costco woman
  • “Oh damn, bet the other guy’s in the hospital” -Peet’s woman ( who then gave me free caramel)
  • “that must be no fun” -scientist in Li Ka Shing
  • “haha, bar fight, right??”
  • “I’m amazed I’ve never ended up in one of those” (seriously, now?)
  • “TIGER?!” <– probably my favorite thus far

The power of the imagination, and nerve of some people, is incredible and these responses make my day.

sad tendons everywhere

sad tendons everywhere

…Definitely not veterinary related today but I promise that a blog post centered around Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium or insect host/parasite relationships would be sub par.

Have you ever been in a cast/brace/on crutches? Did anyone assume you bungee jumped or kicked a dog?


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I started this blog as a way to share my adventures as I tackle the end of undergraduate studies and the beginning of vet school. This is just one of the many ways I distract myself from rigorous classes :)
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One Response to Das Boot

  1. Sarah says:

    One of my TAs has a cane and she told me a UPS guy tried to use it as a pick up line. He asked her something along the lines of “Do you use it to beat off all your admirers?” And a girl in one of her classes asked her if if it was a fashion statement. People sometimes…

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